Cica Calming Sun Serum

  • $23.00

Apply 3-sec cooling sun serum on heated skin under UV rays.
Has a sun protection index of SPF 50+ PA++++.
Quick soothing and moisturizing sun serum that blocks any UV rays.
Provides carefree use on acne skin types and reduces skin temperature with soothing effect based on lightweight and moisturizing finish.
Instantly reduces skin temperature after 3 seconds of use.
Completed test on acne skin types.
Non-comedogenic test completed.
The moisturizing and lightweight texture contains rich amount of moisture essence.
The non-sticky refreshing formula is quickly absorbed to provide smooth finish.
100% satisfaction in low irritation on skin, skin soothing, and moisturizing.
Completed clinical trial regarding irritation test on sensitive skin types and UV blockage effect.

Featured ingredients

Contains fermented cica, 10 kinds of hyaluronic acids, and aloe for quick soothing of heated skin under sunlight.
Contains fermented cica complex that provides advanced cica soothing care complete with key centella ingredients and yeast fermentation.
The serum containing at least 60% moisturizing ingredients is quickly absorbed into irritated skin to provide quick skin soothing and hydration.
The yeast fermentation with centella asiatica extract, madecassoside, and asiaticoside provides quick and effective soothing.
Contains 10 kinds of hyaluronic acids consists of low, medium, and high molecular to help with product absorption on skin surface and provide 10-layered moisturizing.
Contains cape aloe leaf extract which is a medicinal ingredient that helps with keeping water-oil balance and supplies deep hydration by having 7 times higher ion index compared to regular aloe.